Just like the most recent Halloween event, Blizzard is set to roll out something festive for the December holidays. Overwatch is getting its own winter special.

The company tweeted this from its official Overwatch account.

What will the Overwatch holiday event include?

Given the Wreaths and Christmasy style, we can definitely expect some Christmas-themed content in the world of Overwatch. Clearly, King’s Row is getting a Christmas theme, much like Hollywood during Halloween (that map was great). We’ll also get skins, sound clips, player icons, sprays, emotes and more.

I wouldn’t stop Blizzard there, though. First, Overwatch is routinely cited for representing all sorts of cultures with its heroes, so surely we’ll see some Hannukah stuff in there. I’m hoping for a Festivus reference, to boot.

I imagine we’ll get a Happy Holidays-themed game type while we’re at it.

When more comes in, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned.