The Year of the Rooster event is now live in Overwatch. It celebrates the Lunar New Year. The event will run from today on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One until February 13, 2017.

This event includes a bunch of awesome skins. Here they are in gallery form for you to flip through.

In addition to all those skins, Overwatch features a brand new game mode for the event. It’s Capture the Rooster, and Director Jeff Kaplan created an 11 minute video with a look at the mode.

Capture the Rooster sounds a lot like standard CTF. It’s a Brawl, so it’s a temporary addiont. Let’s see if it goes permanent. Here’s the rub by way of the official Blizzard post with the news.

In Capture the Rooster, teams will face off on Lijiang Tower, attempting to secure the enemy flag while the opposing team does the same. In this fast-paced brawl, players will need to get creative with their team compositions as they attempt to construct a lineup that’s built for offensive speed and defensive stability.

There’s lots to unlock and earn

According to Blizzard, there are over 100 cosmetic items to unlock for the event. Get in there.