Blizzard is set to officially reveal the Year of the Rooster event today, but what would big news be without a leak? The trailer has leaked through outlets in other countries. It’s not in English, but below is a look at the Year of the Rooster.

Epic skins, emotes and redone Lojiang Tower maps all make the rundown in the video. We’ll have way more official news and shots later today. It looks like the event starts today and will last until February 13.

If that trailer’s not working, try this link.

Capture the Flag? Capture the Flag. The Year of the Rooster brings with it not just skins, emotes and map themes, but also a new game mode. Capture the Flag is joining Overwatch. Though, whether or not this is just a temporary event or one that will be made permanent remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for more later

Again, this is just a leaked trailer. We’ll have loads more once the official stuff goes live by way of Blizzard.