Blizzard went through another wave of banning cheaters, this time catching some who thought they were using undetectable software. For those who enjoy the taste of justice, one Overwatch player cruised through cheating forums and scraped a few quality posts for all to enjoy. user Starcatraz, who says “AYY LMAO HI MOM” about showing up on websites now, posted a bunch of comments shared on hacking forums after the bans went down. I’ve grabbed a few gems:

Im so ****ing pissed I literally run the hack 1 time which was yesterday and I get banned on my only overwatch account I just bought and now the sale is over ( ****ing people told me that the hack is undetected, I used overjoint btw

I’m going to sue Blizzard, who wants to join me?

ill join you, we’ll have a solid class action lawsuit

since i got banned from the game already, dose that mean i cant buy the game again at all ?
is it for real for life ban ? or can i just buy the game again ?
can some one please have a clear answer about this >_

Please update this as detected. I used the hack probably 10 times and never once got a POTG with it and never raged killed everyone. Yet I have been banned.

top 500 account RIP . just for trying it out for several seconds in training
blizzard is a ****ing joke

I love the ones claiming they only used it once. Here’s my favorite:

To All those who have got banned and asking if they buy the game again will they get banned here …. NO
I have got banned on almost 7 accounts now, all you have to do it after u get ban run cccleaner, restart ur pc/modem, make new email with different details, buy the game and buy hack and anjoy life …
Thank me later .. flys away

This dude made Blizzard at least $280 through all these bans.

Don’t cheat, kids. It’s too expensive and utterly pointless.

I get it. You want to see your numbers climb and sit on top of the pile in video games. It’s probably some sort of adrenaline rush to do well with hacks.

The problem is that you’re making the experience crap for the rest of us. These “undetectable” hacks that slowly move towards targets or reduce efficiency when you perform a little too well are ridiculous. You’re cheating, and cheating sucks.

Plus, Blizzard seems happy to ban. I mean, it’s making them even more money, apparently. I’d guess a lot of banned users go on to rebuy the games they’re kicked from. So, I guess, Blizz is happy.

Don’t cheat. It’s crap.