The central pillar of my video gaming life is Final Fantasy, and when it crosses over into one of the more recent (and probably temporary) staples of my gaming day, I shriek with joy. Or maybe that’s just because these artists thought Mei would make a cute Black Mage.

They weren’t wrong.

Overwatch Fantasia is a collection of artists who look to reimagine Blizzard’s cast of diverse characters as the main party of a Final Fantasy game. As you might guess, they certainly work in this regard just as well as they cram into a Street Fighter mod.

How would you make this a crossover?

It would be easy to cram a Final Fantasy character into Overwatch for a fun crossover event. Perhaps pick a fan-favorite gun-wielder, like Vincent Valentineand put his special transformation abilities to work as an Ultimate.

The flipside is putting an Overwatch character into Final Fantasy. How would that work out? Perhaps the only way to do it nowadays is to have someone cameo in Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XV, or Final Fantasy VII Remake for a special timed event.

Man, if Tifa and Mei turned up in the same video game, that would span the entire timeline of my creepy video game crushes from thirteen to thirty-one-years-old.