Blizzard has listened to those demanding that some form of Capture the Flag be made a permanent fixture of Overwatch’s game mode options. In a recent update video, Director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the Chinese New Year event’s Capture the Rooster mode will be available long after the holiday event ends.

When the Chinese Year of the Rooster event wraps itself up next week, Capture the Rooster will move into custom games, and players will be able to tweak the rules for their ideal experience. Kaplan says that hosts will have “tons of new options for you to play around with” when creating a new game.

Capture the Rooster isn’t the only mode that will be more customizable either. Blizzard is using the update to put more power in the hands of its players.

You can now go into payload maps and change payload speed if you think it should be faster or slower. You can change the capture speeds on control points. … In the control mode you can go in and decide what rate does capture percentage accrue at. You can decide what heroes you want in the maps. If you think Tracer’s a problem in Escort maps, you can turn her off if you want…

Overwatch is getting a server browser as well

Those who want to search for games that fit their ideal settings rather than create their own will also get a new interface that lets them filter out certain elements. Whether you want to turn off certain characters abilities or negate a certain map, the filters will allow for that.