The Internet lost its collective mind for about five hours last week over one of Overwatch’s victory poses for the game’s mascot, Tracer. Some claimed that the now-infamous “Over the Shoulder” pose was too sexual for a character not defined by sexuality, and Blizzard agreed by stating the pose would be changed.

Others revolted at the decision, saying that Blizzard was caving into social pressures and trying too hard to be PC, leading me to wonder if these people’s concerns were genuinely about the game’s “artistic integrity” or something else entirely.

Either way, an update has changed the pose, and it should provide enough middle ground to make everyone happy. Tracer isn’t staring at her butt or bragging about her sexuality, making those who say she should be defined by her perky personality happy. And for the other camp, yes, you can still look at her butt through the skin-tight yellow suit.

But really, is that what this is all about?

In the meantime, I’m excited for Overwatch in ways that I haven’t been excited for a FPS in a long time. I love the excellent animated shorts setting up the universe, and I love the characters that Blizzard has created. Incidents like these make me wish that it had a single player campaign, though, because being locked into multiplayer means I need to interact with an angry and divisive community.

Maybe I’ll just turn the voice support off and pretend I’m shooting bots. Overwatch will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24.