Over the Christmas weekend, I took a break from social media (short of sharing pictures of my kids and the festivities with family) to do the holiday thing. That means I missed a key tweet from the Overwatch team.

The good news? I still have time to enjoy the spoils.

Blizzard decided to share a Happy Holidays wish with a gift of free Loot Boxes. Five of them, and we’ll get them just by firing up Overwatch.

Here’s the tweet.


Be sure to get your Loot Boxes before January 2

There isn’t much in the way of fine print in the tweet above, so let’s play it safe here. Log into Overwatch before 2017 and open all five Loot Boxes to be safe.

Loot Boxes don’t change once they’re earned, so it’s not like holding these five will change their contents. As soon as they appear on your account, their contents have been decided. Get ’em, open ’em, enjoy.

Good luck snagging a few legendary items!