One of the banner modes featured in Overwatch in the later stages of the beta was Competitive Play. This was essentially a ranked battle, season-style mode for the game. It was Quick Play with matches that “mattered.”

Blizzard decided to skip the mode for release after noting that it needed tweaking. They’ve been working on Competitive Play behind the scenes since before launch, and the intention has always been to put the mode out within that launch window.

Well, Competitive Play might be a bit further off than we all expected. Responding to fan inquiry about competitive seasons in Overwatch, the official Twitter account for the game initially pegged “hopefully” later in July for the release of Competitive Play.

The account further reinforced that status literally two minutes later with another user.

Then here’s the clarification about July really being June.

I expect we’ll see Competitive Play in late June at the earliest. While these tweets (two of which have since been deleted) seem to be a bit of a slip, delays are possible. Let the slow drip of Overwatch updates commence.

Hey, at least it’s all free with the initial cost of the game, right?