The Public Test Realm (PTR) for Overwatch, as it stands right now, is good for one thing only: toying with changes before they hit the full game.

If a new hero is dropped, map delivered or buffs and nerfs deployed, they hit the PTR first. Dedicated users test and give feedback. Regular folks like myself simply dive in, give things a go and split.

There’s no benefit to doing anything more, quite frankly, and it sounds like Blizzard is working on that. Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan dropped the video you see at the base of this post about the state of PTR.

Make PTR more rewarding

Kaplan indicates that Blizzard’s considering ways to get players to be more active and committed to the PTR. Right now, you play on an old snapshot of your account. The experience you earn and Loot Boxes you open on the PTR do not make their way to the main game.

Kaplan makes no promises, but Blizzard’s considering maybe bringing that experience over to the main game or even rewarding PTR players with Loot Boxes for real.

I’d take that, and it’d get me filing feedback, too. What do you think?