Ana Comic Overwatch

Blizzard’s published the latest digital issue of their Overwatch comic. This series builds backstory for the game’s heroes, and this time the focus is on the freshly announced Ana.

You can find the full comic linked in the source below.

As for the issue itself? It’s a lot of inner-monologue from Ana as she snipes for her unit. There’s a little twist at the end that most Overwatch fans should see coming as soon as the build up begins. It’s neat, I suppose, but those who dig this universe’s lore should enjoy the issue.

Personally, I can’t wait to play more of Ana. I’ve tried her in the PTR that’s available right now, and she’s fun. Ana’s a hero that has a steep learning curve, though, and I imagine she’ll flood the servers with inexperienced players using her poorly once she’s live. I’m not too excited for that.

We’ll have more on Ana and the rest of the Overwatch crew as it comes.