Blizzard has announced that Overwatch has been switched to high bandwidth format for more than just Custom Games. The tic rate is faster for everything, and they even introduced a dynamic system to do it without hampering everyone’s experience.

Alright, Netcode fans, this one’s for you. Watch the video below as Blizzard explains the recent high bandwidth update they’ve performer in complex terms, while dumbing it down for the rest of us with props.

What does this all mean? Basically, you won’t be getting shot around corners as much as the disparity between your game, the server and the other players has been reduced thanks to this new speed..

It’s a complex problem with a complex solution that will genuinely affect the way the game is played both casually and competitively.

Here’s half an hour of me playing today on an updated server. You can tell because of that IND stat in the top left corner. That number floats around 20 now. It used to be up in the 50s.

Are you happy about this update? It might be as celebrated as a new character or map, but this is great news.