Blizzard Korea has announced a massive ban wave for Overwatch players. This covers 10,000 accounts found guilty of either using an aimbot or nuking their peers. We’ll get to that last one here in a second.

Overwatch is routinely played in South Korean net cafes. One in particular is called PC Bang. At this shop, players pay to play by the hour. These accounts only work at PC Bangs, and they can be hacked, though the ease of doing this can be argued.

How many of these 10,000 accounts were simply internet cafe “freebies” instead of the real deal? We’re not sure.

What in the heck is nuking?

This is a “fun” new hacking method, friends. Essentially, nuking is when a hacker points a sort of DDoS attack at the enemy team. That renders their play completely pointless as they suffer through insane lag while the hacker smoothly kills them and secures objectives.

That’s awful, isn’t it?