If the excellent Casualties of War cinematic trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown just wasn’t enough for you, here is an entire hour and fifteen of gameplay footage described in detail by creative director Jake Solomon and his Fireaxis cohorts available through Twitch.

The lengthy demo shows off the developers’ elite squad of soldiers engaged in deadly skirmishes with the alien invaders. The streets of Earth’s ruined cities are your battlegrounds, and every wall and every building are destructible in some shape or fashion, taking away the ability to take cover for too long. Plus, we get to see that sweet drop in mode where the map can be viewed from over the shoulder of any character in your squad.

Besides battles, they also give a look at soldier advancement and customization, as well as an in-depth look into what really sets XCOM apart from all the other strategy games out there, base management. Gamers can use their customized headquarters to do anything from taking alien hostages to researching and weaponizing all forms of enemy technology.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be released on October 9th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Check out more later from this awesome looking game.

[via VG247]

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