Motorola Xoom tabletThe guessing game as to how the Motorola Xoom is doing can come to an end as the company has finally published a number of how many of the tablets have shipped. While not the same as how many have sold, the number of Xooms that have gone out there to the retail channel is over 250,000.

For weeks now there has been a guessing game to the success of the Motorola Xoom.  Deutsche Bank chimed in back in the earlier part of this month saying that 100,000 units had sold, while earlier this week Global Equities piped up with its head scratching estimate of 25,000 to 120,000.  While the 250,000 number released by Motorola today covers how many have shipped to stores, the company does say that sell through has been “good”, so we’re thinking that both these numbers are a bit low.

While it’s amusing to poke fun at analysts and their seemingly random predictions, the unfortunate truth is that the Xoom isn’t living up to the predictions the company had for it.  This could be attributed to a number of factors such as consumers waiting for it to come with the 4G radio turned on out of the box, the seemingly higher price than other tablets or the release of the iPad 2.

Whatever the case may be for the lower than anticipated sales, it doesn’t sound like the company is about to give up on the product, and we don’t think they should.  No, they aren’t moving iPad numbers, but they are moving a decent amount of units.  While Android  Honeycomb may not have been quite ready for release when the Xoom first went out the door, there are certain to be updates that will increase it’s stability.  The overall physical design of the Xoom is nice (except for the really stupid placement of the power button), and once the software catches up with it, people should have a generally more positive view of it.

Will the Xoom ever sell iPad numbers?  No.  Will it sell enough to make it a respectable device?  I think so.

What do you think?  Is Motorola moving enough units to keep the Xoom as a viable product?