Mario Comic

Nintendo is taking its time coming into the digital modern age, but it is getting there with enormous leaps at a time. A massive update to its browser based eShop has just listed over 100 games that can be purchased straight through your PC!

Nintendo is partying like it's 2007 up in here!

The list of games includes a wide variety of releases from the blockbuster Wii U hits like Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and Mario Kart 8, to smaller 3DS titles like Fantasy Life and Pushmo, and of course, Virtual Console releases. Castlevania and Mega Man are both chewing up a lot of prime real-estate on the front page. You're welcome, Capcom and Konami.

We're getting there, Nintendo! Keep up the good work, and maybe you'll totally catch up before Sony, Microsoft, and Steam change the distribution system again.