Apple Watch is a flop, according to some reports, while others suggest Cupertino’s first wearable is off to a promising start. That certainly appears to be the case in China, where new data suggests Apple has sold over 1 million units so far.

Apple is yet to reveal any sales figures for Apple Watch, but CEO Tim Cook revealed during a July sales call that the device was exceeding “internal expectations.” Recent IDC estimates put the total figure around 3.6 million units, which is pretty good after just over four months.

Now Chinese analytics company TalkingData, which is employed by over 80,000 mobile apps, including WeChat, reports that more than 1.07 million of those Apple Watch sales can be attributed to China, where Apple devices are becoming increasingly popular.

The news comes just two weeks after Cook emailed CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer to reassure him and other investors that Apple continues to experience “strong growth” in China, where iPhone activations and App Store usage have been accelerating in recent months.

Apple Watch may not be as successful as the iPhone just yet, then, but the data from more reliable sources suggests it’s far from a flop — and by far one of the most popular smartwatches to date.