See that contact us button up and to the right? People click that quite a bit. The note they draft up gets sent around to a processing robot, and that processing robot decides to tell us what the good people want.

Lately, they've been asking about Ouya. Ouya is a potential gaming console that currently exists as a well funded Kickstarter project and prototype. When and if it's made and officially sold to the public, it will sell for $99.

Specifically, the users hitting the contact us link above have been asking us directly whether or not they should buy the console.

We covered Ouya when it started gaining traction a day or so ago; we even managed to get a hold of the CEO behind the project for a few comments.

Okay, so what is it?

Here it comes, the Ouya in a nutshell. This is a moderately powered gaming console that features a unique UI, is based on Android (which means it will launch with access to the Android's gaming library), is being supported by indie developers, requires game makers to provide at least a free sample of every game, is completely mod-able and will sell for less than $100.

The whole idea here is that the current console market is far too walled off. Gamers are being forced into $60 titles that have become little more than copy and paste efforts from the largest publishers in the world. Ouya aims to prove that innovation, developer taste, low-cost and TV all matter.

I'm on the fence…

I haven't backed the console yet. I might, and I'm giving it more consideration with each passing day, but I haven't.

This is a concept. It's an exciting concept that might usher in a whole new gaming revolution, but it's a concept. And, while $100 ain't too much money in the scheme of gaming hardware, it's still a lot of scratch to throw at something that hasn't been proven.

When I look at the Ouya, I find myself wondering if it's a necessity. Is this something I'll need to buy? I have a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii. I already enjoy console experiences on my TV. At the same time, I have a gaming PC that's capable of playing just about every indie game that drops. Unless developers up and leave these platforms for good, I have no real reason to feel obligated to buying the Ouya.

Now, at the same time, this is exciting. The console market needs to be flipped on its head. Things have gotten far too impersonal, expensive and walled off. If the Ouya is the revolution the gaming world needs, I'm all for it.

Does this amount to anything more than a nice smartphone with TV outs and a decent controller?

I'm taking my time on this one. I'm watching the Ouya. They've made waves, and they've earned my interest; but, I haven't decided on backing them just yet.

Should you back the Ouya?

I'm sorry I can't come up with a better answer for you, but, do what you want. Really.

You know why I'm on the fence (and why I'm wavering towards backing the device), but it takes a consumer's individual insight to discern the potential merit of a product that doesn't even exist yet.

If you like what you've read and seen of Ouya, back the project. $99 for a gaming console, regardless of its future, is cheap. And, if you know you're going to get use out of it either by playing indie games on your TV, rooting it or simply letting it serve as a collector's item, then there's no reason to back down.

Ask yourselves an easy question: will I use this? If the answer is yes, get it.