If you prefer a more console-like mobile gaming experience, Ouya isn’t a bad option. Not only is it easy to use, but it offers users a world full of great indie titles and other games from some major publishers. However, the company’s first effort, which rose to Kickstarter stardom back in 2012, felt decidedly like a prototype. But a new, more revamped version is out, promising a better overall experience and a more refined controller. That matte black looks sure looks pretty.

According to Ouya, the console’s new controller responds faster and has better buttons, but otherwise is unchanged as far as layout is concerned. The previous controller was one of Ouya’s biggest criticisms, and the company has clearly worked very hard to rectify that. In addition to an improved controller, the newest Ouya comes with the latest firmware, double the storage (16GB) and boosted Wi-Fi connectivity.

Specs include an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM, HDMI-out, and USB and micro USB ports. The newest version comes with the console, controller, an HDMI cable, AA batteries and a power adapter out of the box.

Ouya currently offers access to more than 500 games, and each of them is free to try. Late last year, Xbmc was added to Ouya’s library, which greatly expands the console’s media capabilities. The new Ouya console is currently available (in black) for $129.99. The previous version, meanwhile, is still being offered at $99.