Ouya, the little Kickstarted microconsole that could, appears to be in some serious trouble.

According to a report from Fortune, CEO Julie Uhrman fired off an email to company investors and advisers bringing news that the inability to settle debts has pushed Ouya to go up for auction.

Fortune has it that Ouya picked up funding from TriplePoint Capital. They say that it exceeds the $10 million that Ouya snagged from Alibaba a few months back.

The email from Uhrman offered that “given our debtholder’s timeline, the process will be quick.” She continues, “We are looking for expressions of interest by the end of this month.”

I imagine the note came much earlier in April, and Ouya is hoping for a potential buyer to show up in the coming days.

We’ll have more on the microconsole’s future as it comes.