Ouya Apology Credit

The folks behind the Ouya console realize that some Kickstarter backers were less than thrilled with how the product launched. With this in mind, CEO Julie Uhrman sent out an email to the original backers offering them a credit if they felt slighted in any way.

The email from Uhrman is fairly blunt in its language that they realize that some supporters were angered by the console arriving on retail shelves before all of the backers were fulfilled, that customer service was slow to respond to requests and some consoles were missing controllers among other issues. To try to make for some of this, the company is offering up a $13.37 credit that can be used in the Discovery store.

For those that wish to take advantage of the credit you will find a link in the email that will take you to your code, and those that don’t don’t feel slighted or angry, they can skip using the funds.

While this can be taken as a nice gesture, you have to wonder if this might also possibly have something to do with the recent news that only 27 percent of Ouya buyers have purchased a game. If enough of the original backers were to now purchase a game with this credit, it would raise the attachment rate percentage and put a better face forward to the developers.

It’s doubtful that appeasing the developers was the driving force behind this offer, but you do have to wonder if it played a factor in the decision.