OutRun (1)

I’ve been a fan of these classic SEGA arcade ports on the Nintendo 3DS. 3D Space Harrier and 3D Super Hang-On have chomped away at several long commutes to work while I aim for high scores, and another of its most important arcade titles is due for the same treatment.

3D OutRun has been spotted in Japan and even has a shiny new logo to all but confirm a release. Developer M2 worked wonders into the Space Harrier and Super Hang-On ports by adding new modes and handicaps to change up the formula, and I am hoping that OutRun enjoys the same overhaul.

OutRun (2)

OutRun joins the cult-favorite shooter Fantasy Zone in the next wave of SEGA arcade ports. SEGA has not confirmed that the games will be released in America, but it has stated an interest in doing so based on the success of the first games.

Are there any other classic SEGA games you’d like to see given the same treatment? I’m a lost and hopeless Wonder Boy/Monster World fan still holding on for hope. Monster World IV was just released for PSN not too long ago, so you never know if Nintendo 3DS owners might get lucky. After Burner, Ristar, and Vectorman would find a nice home as well.