Yesterday, Game Informer revealed Evolve, a game in which four players team up as alien hunters to take on a single player controlling an ever evolving monster. Well, the development team behind Outrise sees Evolve’s cute 5 player matches and raises it to 16, putting 15 players against a single massive player controlled gargantuan robot.

The game’s official website describes it as “a multiplayer Shadow Of The Colossus meets Left 4 Dead.”

We also dreamt of a world that harkens back to the 80s and 90s films we watched growing up as kids like RoboCop,Terminator and Blade Runner. In Outrise one player controls a giant boss while the entire opposing team fights to take it down. An army of davids against a towering Goliath.

Outrise’s story takes place in a world where CryptoCoin has replaced physical cash in a system similar to BitCoin. A brutal police-state called The United States Federation sanctions the network and sees every single transaction go through its database. Corporations are taking all the wealth for themselves and starving the common man, and the government’s elite police are sent in to quell uprisings for the sake of protecting corporate interest.

Ok, so the setup sounds a little preachy, but it leads to the excellent gameplay idea of under-equipped militia driving an assault on massive government owned robots with nothing but conventional weapons, vehicles, and mechs. Controlling the massive robot though is a totally different experience.

Words cannot describe the level of destructive power you feel playing as the boss. You are an unstoppable machine of death facing an army of real players by yourself. Entire teams are decimated with the click of your button. The earth trembles as you scale the landscape, leaving complete and utter destruction in your wake. Stomp enemies into pancakes, drop enemy-seeking mines, and unleash horrendeous weaponry on your foes the likes of which the world has never seen.

Whoa, that’s very dramatic. We just saw the controversial decision of Titanfall allowing only 12 players, and defenders have been claiming that more does not equal better. It’s a very true statement, and it all works for scale. Titanfall is a close quarter game. Evolve will be a close quarter game. In Outrise‘s case, more would prove better for the grand scale that the team has in mind.

Sounds like a new trend is kicking in where size does matter after all. The team has plenty of AAA experience from Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed to make this game a reality. Currently it is being self-funded, but they are looking for publisher interest. What are your thoughts? I know I’m game.