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Microsoft on Tuesday added Google Talk support to Outlook.com, allowing users to seamlessly keep in touch through the Redmond company's sleek email service. The move comes hours before Google is supposedly preparing to introduce its unified Hangouts service, which we're hearing will be available through Android and iOS, as well as the Web.

The added functionality is in response to user requests, The Verge said, and was completed using Google's APIs. Right now, only traditional text is supported; audio and video may or may not come at a later time—it all depends on feedback, said Dharmesh Mehta, senior director of Outlook.com. The integration is as simple as connecting a Google account.

If Google is indeed rolling out a more robust chat solution—all evidence suggest the company is—integrating with more services will only make it more powerful. The integration should already be available in your sidebar, so connect your account and begin chatting away.