Microsoft is reportedly working on a major update to its Outlook app for Mac, with UI and functionality tweaks to better match Apple’s recent OS X Yosemite release. Several screenshots of the supposed update have been spilled courtesy of Chinese site CnBeta, giving us a brief glimpse of what the new software may look like when it’s officially made available.

Judging by the images, Outlook looks ready and fully optimized for Retina displays, and will also support Apple’s revamped Notification Center for pop-ups and the like. The overall look fits more in line with OS X Yosemite’s new design, too, with some transparency and other effects prevalent throughout the app. The leak only gives us a glimpse of Outlook, though one would assume Microsoft will bring similar updates to its entire Office suite.

Microsoft is reportedly working to better unify its suite of productivity apps across all of Apple’s gadgets. In addition to a more streamlined experience, the new suite will integrate better with Microsoft’s cloud services, giving Apple users the ability to easily move from device to device. CnBeta says the new Outlook will introduce some big improvements for enterprise users, including schedule management, improved online archive support and much more.

There are plenty of images of the interface, which you can see above. If you regularly use Outlook on Mac, or if Apple’s own free productivity software doesn’t live up to your standards, it looks like you’re in for a pretty significant update, though when it’ll hit is unclear. It seems that everything is ready to go on Microsoft’s end, however, so perhaps we’ll see something soon. Earlier this year, a rumor claimed Office for Mac would be updated before 2015, which means something could drop any day now.