Outlast, a 2013 horror game set in an insane asylum, is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Developer Red Barrels said Outlast: Bundle of Terror, which includes Outlast and the game’s excellent DLC, Outlast: Whistleblower, can be purchased for $24.99. Players can also pre-order Outlast 2, the developer announced.

The game’s surprise release comes after the developer teased Outlast running on Nintendo’s portable console.

The Nintendo Switch version of Outlast offers players an opportunity to experience one of gaming’s most unique horror titles, whether they’re docked at home or playing on a train.

Given the console’s portable nature, I’m not sure how well the horror elements of Outlast will translate—playing while sitting at the DMV isn’t the same as playing in a darkened room at home. But if you have yet to experience the Outlast series, Bundle of Terror is a must-buy.

Since its arrival in 2013, Outlast has garnered a cult following for its excellent sound design and approach to horror. Rather than equipping players with weapons to fight back, the only way to escape is to run and hide. Check out an interview we did with the game’s developers.

“We’re super excited to bring Outlast to the Nintendo Switch,” said Philippe Morin, President of Red Barrels. “Our players finally have the freedom to pick any location of their choosing to experience absolute terror, whether it is on the bus, at the dentist, or hidden under their covers.”

Games like Outlast certainly help to absolve Nintendo’s console of being just for kid’s games. It’s unclear when Outlast 2 will be available, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it suddenly show up on the eShop, like one of Outlast’s patented jump scares.