Call this one of the more hilarious attempts to own up to a goof in recent memory. Microsoft created a webpage to announce that the indie survival-horror favorite Outlast was inbound to the Xbox One, and its official release date was penned on the site as June 24.

The only problem is that once the site went up live overnight, the game and its DLC also went live on the Xbox One's marketplace by accident. Oops! You can pick up Outlast on the Xbox One for $19.99 and its first DLC package Whistleblower for $8.99 now if you like. No rush, though, because Microsoft isn't taking them down and making you wait until the 24th.

Instead of apologizing and fixing the mistake, it simply changed the official release date on the website to… today! No acknowledgement or anything, just a quick highlight, delete, and a tap of the "1" and "9" keys on the keyboard. It's like stumbling in the street, catching yourself, and walking it off as if nothing happened. Just keep cool, Microsoft. Nobody noticed.

I guess you had to be there, but I had to go back and rewrite this entire story halfway through finishing it because of that changed date. Outlast was first released for the PC and PlayStation 4 last year to positive reviews. I'm hoping it finds just as good of a reception with Xbox fans. Be sure to check it out.