February is already everyone’s least favorite month of the year. Why else would it be so short? The dark and cold winter has dragged on for just a little too long, and the promise of spring feels just a little too far out of reach to be happy. Seriously, why don’t we just add an extra day to June or July next leap year? I love those months!

Well, Sony’s first free offerings for the Instant Game Collection this February will remind you how bad your life really could be. You could be locked away in an abandoned insane asylum constantly on the run from blood thirsty zombie maniacs, or even worse, trapped beneath a nuclear blasted Moscow in constant battle with fiendish demon dragon things.

I’m not sure which of the three hells is worse, but at least Outlast and Metro: Last Light are both shorter than 10 hours. February is twenty eight days!

Outlast will be released as a free game available for the PlayStation 4, and Metro: Last Light will be for the PlayStation 3. Both have been huge critical successes and have garnered a reputation for delivering AAA quality productions without the budgets and creative limitations which accompany huge risky games.

Look for them both when the store updates this Wednesday.