The business world is infamous for hanging on to old technology. Anyone who’s still schlepping along with Windows Vista at the office can fill you in — probably over a drunken happy hour that has him or her crying in a beer. Then there are fax machines, bulked-out laptops, CRT monitors… the list goes on and on.

In light of all those antiquities, mass email blasts may not seem so bad. Sure, social media gets all the hype these days, but this vestige remains for one single, irrefutable reason: It still works.

Of course, the key is to know when to send them. No lie: I receive messages at 2 AM from retailers, charitable organizations and others, who practically beg me to buy their wares or click to donate. And in some rare cases, I’m actually interested in the offer. But here’s the problem: It’s frackin’ 2 AM! By the time I actually hit my email in the morning, it’s buried deep inside an inbox stuffed to the gills with more pressing matters and the occasional cat video.

What’s a company to do? How about learn the best time to send messages? (Hint: It’s not 2 AM.) According to email marketing company GetResponse — which analyzed 21 million messages to track open and click-through rates (CTR) — the optimal times are 8 to 10am and 3 to 4pm. in other words, if we’re going to open these emails at all, it’s most likely to happen when we just get to work or right after our late afternoon slump — when we’re dragging our heels, praying for quitting time. And after 24 hours, that email has little hope of being seen at all. The average open rate starts heading down to zero.

When do you usually open email? Is it in the morning, late afternoon, or late at night?

[Via ReadWrite]

Best time to send email