We used to be fooled by the preposterous nature of these April Fool’s gags. Like the time Nintendo Power told us we could catch Luigi in Pokemon if we followed an extremly lengthy and deliberate set of directions. We couldn’t. And we were duped. Horribly.

But now we know that April 1st brings with it a torrent of lies and deception. So, rather than head to our sheds, barns and armories in search of pitchforks, torches and tanks (why tanks?), we’ve settled on embracing the lunacy.

2011 saw a ton of April Fool’s gags, these are our favorite.

Angry Birds Pork Rinds

The first entry from ThinkGeek in our list. ThinkGeek is known for coming up with positively ridiculous ideas, posting them on April Fool’s and then sifting through the piles of demands that they make the product legitimate and sell it. It happened for the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, the 8-bit tie and the iCade iPad gaming accessory.

Here are the Angry Birds Pork Rinds.

StarCraft for Kinect

Blizzard’s entry is no less wondrous. StarCraft, coming to consoles, controlled with Microsoft Kinect. It’s lunacy!!! And somehow glorious.

Destructoid goes handwritten

Head to Destructoid before it’s too late. The gaming site has gone entirely handwritten. Commenters can either fax or call their comments in and the staff will write them out on the site. It’s wonderful, really. Why didn’t we think of this, herd members? God!

Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Wookie

In an obvious ploy to prevent further species on species crime, BioWare has extended the olive branch of peace for their future MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Players will be able to speak Wookie to one another, or deck their HUD out in the “Walking Carpet” theme as seen below.

The USB Powered Portal to the Nether

Finally, and this is another entry from ThinkGeek, we have my favorite on the list. The USB Powered portal to the Nether from Minecraft. Anyone who’s ever played the game knows exactly what they’re looking at right now. I want this, I want it badly. I mean, I can’t be alone here, who else doesn’t want a gate to the Nether on their desk… complete with the wails of Pigmen!?

What were some of your favorite April Fool’s Day jokes you saw today?