We here at TechnoBuffalo’s gaming department are nothing but a pack of filthy cheaters. Well, we were cheaters back when cheating was a cool trick to show off to your friends during awesome weekend sleepovers.

We fondly remember employing a lot of special tricks to advance and goof around in the games of yesterday, so we decided to list our favorites. Our 10 favorites, in fact.

Here are Ron and Joey’s 10 favorite cheats from way back when.

Attacking Your Own Guys to Level Up – Final Fantasy Tactics


Final Fantasy Tactics rewards you for absolutely every successful action you take, giving points to advance your jobs skills. More often than not, that ability you really want is just out of reach, and there are just not enough enemies on the map to guarantee those final few points.

How do you make it so you won’t have to fight another battle?

Well, attack your friends of course. Indeed, you are rewarded for every completed action in Final Fantasy Tactics, and that includes attacking your allies. In fact, it’s often best to leave some weak little puke running around the stage while you and your best buddies hammer away at each other for a good 10-15 rounds.

You can have an army capable of bringing down every enemy in the game, and you won’t have even left the first battle if your cards are played right.


Fly the KOELSCH Buick Electra – Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Buick in Star Wars - Rogue Squadron

I’m almost positive that I read about this code back in an old issue of Nintendo Power. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I was inspired to fly a Buick in one of the Nintendo 64’s best Star Wars games by one of my favorite old gaming rags.

At the code entry screen in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, enter KOELSCH. Head back to your ship hanger and you’ll find a 1969 Buick Electra.

It flies, it fights and it’s awesome. This is probably one of my favorite cheats in any game since ever. It’s so goofy to see a car that Uncle Buck should have driven, though I believe his was a Mercury, flying in around planets in the Star Wars galaxy.


Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff – NBA Jam TE

Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff

I grew up playing a lot, and I mean a lot, of both NBA Jam and NBA Jam TE when I was a kid. One of the best parts of both games was the ability to unlock special ballers from the name entry screen. My two favorites were Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The two characters are unlocked by typing in JAZ and WIL at the name entry screen in the game, the it requires gamers to hold a series of special buttons in order for it to work.

The result? The two-on-two action now involves two of the biggest TV and music celebrities from the early 90s. NBA Jam was an exceptional game. NBA Jam TE wasn’t nearly as strong as the first outing, but the presence of Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff alone was enough to lift the sequel to new heights.

From downtown!


The Gold PP7 – GoldenEye 007

Golden Eye - Gold PP7

GoldenEye is home to a slew of wonderful cheats. Invincibility, Paintball Mode, DK Mode, Dual Grenade Launchers. Unlocking cheats through speed runs was a genius idea, new at the time, which helped turn GoldenEye into one of the most replayable FPSs ever made.

I mean, why bother to unlock a cheat if you can’t use it permanently?

One of the best cheats is actually one of the easiest to unlock. The Gold PP7 is a special modified version of James Bond’s classic handgun, only this one will kill any enemy with a single bullet.

To get it, all you have to do is beat the final mission, Cradle, in under 2:15 on the easiest mode. Might seem like not that much time, but this was back when levels weren’t drawn out to a snails pace.


The Hadouken – Mega Man X

Mega Max X Hadouken

This cheat is just cool. During the Super Nintendo days, Capcom had two major hits on their hands, Street Fighter 2 and Mega Man X.

How about if you combine the two together? A little known fifth portal could also be uncovered after uncovering the rest of the game’s power-ups. A well placed jump just above the gate leading to Armored Armadillo and the subsequent climb reveal a the secret portal.

A bandana-toting Dr. Light then gives X the ability to use Ryu’s signature move, the Hadouken, using the exact same d-pad roll command used in the Street Fighter games.

The timing for using the weapon is a little tough, but it kills every enemy in the game with a single blast. Except for Sigma…he takes two.


The Healing Massage – Punch-Out!!

Punch Out - Full

I still play Punch-Out!! for the NES on a semi-regular basis, so this little trick is something I actually use to this very day.

In between rounds, as fans of this classic game know, the trainer will give you some tips for the current bout. If you rapidly press select during this screen, the trainer will actually give Mac a shoulder rub that gives him some of his lost energy.

The problem? This only works once per game, so use it wisely.


IDDQD  “Degreelessness Mode” – DOOM

DOOM - Degreelessness Mode

The idea of God Mode has been around for quite some time, and DOOM was one of the first to successfully implement it. What’s the point in beating a game when you have absolutely no possible way of losing?

Well, the point is to feel like a total murder factory, of course. IDDQD is an unforgettable code which lets indiscriminately plow through all those demon’s who gave you such a hard time if playing the game honestly.

Combined with the classic IDKFA code, all weapons and key cards, DOOM suddenly becomes a game about just straight-up massacre rather than one of exploration and uncovering secrets amongst the massacre.


The Konami Code – Gradius, Contra and Much More


The grandaddy of all cheat codes, if there’s one cheat that’s managed to infiltrate the world of pop culture at large, it’s this one. The Konami Code.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

While it was originally used in Gradius, the Konami Code was made popular in Contra, one of the hardest games ever released for the NES. Inputting it gave the players 30 lives, and they’d need all 30 to beat the game. Since then, it’s been used in games and even on websites. Don’t bother trying it here, my suggestion for it hasn’t been implemented yet.


Stealth Suit – Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

Quick, what is the one piece of equipment that can make a stealth game so much easier? Well, a stealth suit, obviously.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima was smart enough to realize that what gamers really want to do in the ultimate stealth playground is torment the poor souls you are supposed to be killing. A simple bullet is not enough.

Traps, decoys, the random taps on a shoulder. It all becomes so much easier once Snake dawns this marvelous piece of equipment. The enemy won’t even know what hit them.

The only downside to the stealth suit is that you’ll have to go for the non-canonical ending and ride off into the sunset with your new best buddy, Otacon, instead of the cute red-head. Oh well…New Game +!


The Super Jump – Mega Man 3

Mega Man - Super Jump

Here’s an interesting little self-discovered secret my cousins and I uncovered back in the day. Hold down the RIGHT directional button on the second player controller while playing Mega Man 3, and the Blue Bomber suddenly gains the ability to jump three times as high as he normally would, as if normal air were water.

Not only can he jump higher, but he is also invulnerable to damage after falling into a pit. The classic death sound effect plays, but Mega Man can humorously launch himself from the pit anyway and proceed throughout the level invulnerable to his enemies.

In fact, the only thing which can kill you while in this Super Jump God Mode form is spikes, so be absolutely careful not to jump too high. Shadow Man’s stage stands out in my memory.