E3 is always a conference flooded with announcements, trailers, assets and moments that make gamers swoon with desire. We attended each and every conference in order to get that sensation in person. Now, we've decided to gather our favorite moments from the year's pressers in order to recap the showings.

We present to you, in no order whatsoever, our ten favorite moments from this year's E3 press conferences.

The Rayman Legends Wii U Gameplay Reveal

Rayman Origins was one of my favorite games last year. I played through it several times both solo and coop. It was a gem in a desert of shooters and killers. Rayman Origins was charming.

Rayman Legends looks to carry that same love, except it does so with some sweet new Wii U integration. You can watch the trailer above in order to see for yourselves; but, I was giddy at the thought of helping friends along by way of the GamePad.

Wii U Pro Controller

This one was actually announced before the E3 festivities fully began. Nintendo held their pre-E3 Nintendo Direct show in order to go over some upcoming highlights for the Wii U. Part of those highlights was the Wii U Pro Controller (pictured above). The device looks like a blend of the Xbox 360 controller, the PlayStation 3 controller and the Wii Classic Controller Pro.

Ultimately, I don't care about it being considered a "rip-off" by some. It's not. It's inspired by a movement towards more ergonomically sound design. If you want to yell about Nintendo copying Sony and Microsoft, you might as well yell about Sony and Microsoft copying Nintendo. Every company does it across all forms of industry, not just gaming. Innovation makes trends.

The Pro Controller tells fans of traditional gaming that they'll have a home with the Wii U. It says, "yes, core gaming will be here, and you'll be able to enjoy it without waggling our tapping." I love that news.

Halo 4 Gameplay Reveal

Two things got me excited when I saw the Halo 4  gameplay trailer above: classic Chief & Cortana banter on top of new enemies.

I love the covenant and the flood, really. But seeing a new faction? Yes, that's exciting news for Halo fans. It means more diversity, new gameplay mechanics, unique combat opportunities and more to explore. Plus, I'm a bit tired of the flood.

I'm not tired of Cortana and Chief. In fact, I missed their back and fourth banter throughout Reach. The relationship is an awesome one that evolved over the course of each game. Seeing it return in this form is exciting for someone who loved the duo from way back when.

Mario's New and Returning Power-ups

As a fan of Nintendo's classic franchises, it's also special to see their tiny nuances revived or expanded upon. For the Mario world, those nuances come in the form of power-ups.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS will feature the classic Raccoon Suit with it's flight action, and New Super Mario Bros. U featured Mario in a brand new Squirrel Suit. We saw both during the Nintendo presser. Tiny nuggets that remind us why this classic platformer is so great.

The Watch Dogs Gameplay Reveal

This new IP completely blew me away during the show. An open world game where everything can be hacked to the player's advantage. It packs an action feel, a sci-fi twist and gorgeous graphics.

The best part? This thing was completely under the radar until its reveal. I love new IPs, especially when they look fantastic. This one, well, looks fantastic.

Pikmin 3 Gameplay Reveal

I loved Pikmin when it was on the GameCube. The style, the strategy, the adorableness and the pressure the games introduced to the Nintendo first party lineup was welcome back then.

Seeing it on the Wii U as Pikmin 3 was awesome. In fact, I'll say it was the best moment of the entire Nintendo E3 presentation. The game itself looked gorgeous, and the additional play mechanics will hopefully rekindle the once fantastic Pikmin formula.

I won't be convinced the Wii U GamePad is a must have addition to the experience until I actually play the title.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Gameplay Trailer

It looks just like the show! I'm crying because I remember thinking this was as good as it gets.

The Assassin's Creed III Frontier Gameplay Footage

The snow looks great, Connor moves fluidly through trees and the combat here looks intense.

The gameplay demo itself showed a lot of motion; Connor always seems to be on the run in this clips. He's climbing, he's chasing and he's even killing on the move.

Plus, we had a quick look at the ecosystem this game sports. Players will fight wolves, hunt deer and corner bears. That sounds awesome from where I'm standing.

The New Gameplay Footage for The Last of Us

This one was really something special. Being in the room for the darkness that opened the gameplay footage, and then hearing and seeing every dramatic punch, hit and shot was awesome. The Last of Us looks incredible, and it appears that Naughty Dog has another homerun in development.

The thing that stood out most for me in the footage was exactly how responsive Ellie was as a companion. She wasn't just dumb AI meant to drop ammo or sit in a corner; instead, she commented on the action and helped when the bullets were gone.

Quantic Dream's Next, Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream is a company primarily known today for two things: they have a unique take on narrative deliver and they can produce fantastic looking PlayStation 3 games. Both of those things proved true with the launch of Heavy Rain a few years back.

Beyond: Two Souls is the next from the studio, and it features the acting of Ellen Page as the main character. The game looks intense and mysterious, and we can't wait to see more from this French studio.