Galaxy Note Lock Screen UpdateOwners of the overseas Galaxy Note are today being treated to a maintenance update that delivers keyboard tweaks, customizable one-hand mode, and changes to the lock screen. Because of the Note’s 5.3-inch screen, the new one-hand mode will reportedly shrink the on-screen keyboard down and shift it over to one side, making thumb typing much easier. Another small change will add a fifth row number arrangement for convenience.

In addition, users who update will notice their lock screens will no provide visual directions on how to disengage the lock, making the Note a bit more user friendly. Samsung is also adding a new torch widget for those who are afraid of the dark, and a brightness setting option that’s specific to the phone’s browser.

The OTA update is supposed to be rolling out now, but we haven’t seen it on our device yet. Once it hits, we’ll be sure to inform you if we find any other changes are problems.