Just as it did back in 2007 with the first iPhone commercial, Apple purchased air time during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards to show off a commercial for the iPad.

Why choose an event such as this?  Think about the audience for an awards show such as this.  You can't get a more mainstream audience than the people that watch the Oscars.  Apple has learned over the years that its greatest success for its non-computer products is the mass market, and getting this product in front of an audience such as this is the perfect place.  While if you're reading this, more than likely you have followed the iPad from day one, but are you sure your neighbor down the street has even heard of it yet?

This commercial said a heck of a lot in 30-seconds.  It showed just about every one of the major applications, the fact that it is versatile and that as with every Apple product as of late it is touch sensitive and responsive.

You have to give it to Apple, they do have a heck of a marketing department.