Apple's Yosemite update is shaping up to be one of Apple's most exciting desktop updates in years. We've already gotten our hands-on an early preview of the software, but now that Apple has released the GM, we wanted to take a deeper look at one feature in particular: Continuity.

After disappearing from earlier Yosemite betas, the feature was reinstated in the GM build Apple released to developers on Tuesday. There's a lot to like about Yosemite's imminent arrival; Spotlight is improved, stock apps are more powerful, and there's now a great new design. But we're especially excited for Continuity because of its deeper integration with iOS. If you own an iPhone or iPad, it's now easier than ever to communicate with your Mac, and vice versa, providing more unity between Apple devices.

First, and our favorite, is the ability to send and receive traditional SMS/MMS right on your computer. That might not seem like a big deal, but it's hugely convenient—even in the short time we've been using the Yosemite GM, the feature has definitely been worth the wait. I no longer have to take my headphones off to answer calls; if my phone is across the room, I don't have to get up to get it. All I need to do is click the little answer button when the notification pops up on my computer.

If you're on your Mac, you don't have to incessantly check your phone for messages and missed calls because they show up right on your computer. That right there might be a good enough for people to update to Yosemite. It's a great feature, and has worked flawlessly thus far. The only thing I've noticed is that the call quality isn't all that great. You can easily carry on a conversation, but it sounds like you're on speakerphone, so just bear that in mind going in.

(It's worth noting that, as of now, SMS Continuity only works alongside the new iOS 8.1 beta. I don't have the iOS 8.1 beta installed, but I do have the Yosemite GM installed and the calling portion works just fine.)

Meanwhile, there's also a cool feature in Yosemite called Handoff, which makes it way easier to start working on a document on your Mac and pick up where you left off on your iOS device (and vice versa). If you're continually jumping back and forth between Apple devices, you'll never lose the last spot you were working on, whether it is a document, Safari page or email. Out of the gate Handoff will work with Apple's stock apps, though app developers will be able to build the feature into their apps, too.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that Yosemite also includes an Instant Hotspot feature, which automatically turns your iPhone into a personal hotspot. That ability has been available for some time, but Instant Hotspot requires very little setup to use. Your iPhone will now automatically appear in the Wi-Fi menu on your Mac; simply select your device and turn the feature on. That's it.

Check out Mark's video to see the new features in action. Apple has an event planned for Oct. 16, where we're expecting the official launch date of OS X Yosemite to drop (in addition to some new iPads and Mac machines). In the meantime, watch the video to learn more about what Continuity has to offer.