OS X Mountain Lion on a MacBook Air

Apple surprised everyone this morning with the announcement of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and now as we all settle into this news, it’s time to take a look and see what exactly is under the hood that will make this a worthy update for your Mac.

OS X Mountain Lion - AirPlay Mirroring

AirPlay Mirroring

Connecting your computer to a TV has been a nightmare in the past, usually involving a mess of cables.  iOS 5 simplified that process for those who use Apple’s mobile devices, and now it’s coming to the Macs as well.  You’ll now be able to project your computer’s desktop to a TV connected to an Apple TV and you’re off to the races.  Whether it be wanting to use a gigantic monitor, showing a presentation in Keynote or sharing a family vacation video, a lot of the work will now be removed from getting that content and information to the TV screen.

OS X Mountain Lion - Messages


When Apple released the iMessages app on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it created an enclosed system of messaging that worked outside of the traditional SMS system.  Now you can join the party on your Mac as well and even carry on the conversation when you leave your desktop.  If you can’t wait until the ambiguous date of “summer 2012” for Mountain Lion to release so you can get started with this, there is a public beta of the app available now.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Reminders

Notes & Reminders Everywhere

Notes & Reminders are two extremely handy iOS apps to help keep your life organized, but one of their biggest drawbacks is you always have to keep your mobile device handy.  When the two apps appear on Mountain Lion, you will now be able to make a grocery list on your computer and have it show up on your iPhone.  Well it’s unlikely you’re ever that far from your phone, the idea of typing out your grocery list on a full-sized keyboard is far more appealing.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Notifications


It took what seemed like a lifetime to get a Notification Center onto iOS, and now here comes one for OS X Mountain Lion as well.  It will work in a similar manner to its mobile counterpart with notifications being linked to their corresponding application: Click on it, the app opens and you can take care of whatever it is you need to look at.  The notifications are said to only appear on screen for a brief time to minimize how much they intrude on whatever else you may be doing.

Mac OS X Mountain Line - Share Sheets

Share Sheets

Apple deeply integrated Twitter tools into iOS 5, and now it’s carrying that thinking over to Mac OS X.  While Twitter won’t be the only sharing tool getting some love in the new “Share Sheets,” you will find lots of ways to share information in just about every Mac OS X Mountain Lion app.  You can post images to Flickr, send videos to Vimeo or share Web pages from Safari with ease from here on out.

With over a 100 new features coming along for the release of Mountain Lion, it sounds like we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far of what the new version of OS X will have to offer us.