Apple just released the first public beta for OS X El Capitan. The latest version of the Mac operating system introduces some useful new features while refining last year’s Yosemite update.

One nice change included with El Capitan is the ability to find the cursor by moving it around quickly to temporarily make it bigger. Safari also gets some solid improvements, including the ability to pin specific sites to the browser or mute a noisy tab.

Spotlight gets some new features as well. For starters, you can now resize the search panel. It also offers deeper integration into other Apple apps, making it possible to do something like search through your emails with a request like “mail I’ve ignored from Phil.”

We’ve already spent some time with El Capitan thanks to to an earlier beta for developers. It may mostly be small refinements and changes, but the new version of OS X feels pretty great as a result. Now you can check it out too, though there may still be some bugs since this isn’t the final release.