Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan-1

OS X El Capitan is finally out. I’ve been using it since the earlier betas, and I’m loving it. But new complaints suggest there’s at least one big reason why you might not want to upgrade yet: Office 2016 isn’t operating properly. This might not be a big problem for casual users, but it could be for folks who use Office for work, like yours truly. Thankfully I’m still using an older version.

According to about 114 people in the Microsoft Office forums, Outlook 2016 freezes in OS X El Capitan. Microsoft replied to the issue on Sept. 25, directly in its forums, and said that a later release should fix some of the issues related to hanging and crashes, but it appears that some problems still remain. Most complaints seem to be coming from Outlook users.

This should be a relatively easy software patch, if it is indeed rooted in Office 2016, but it’s unclear when Microsoft will release it. The company has so far not provided an update on its forums as of publication time.