Wondering what’s new in Apple’s latest OS X El Capitan release? We quickly examined a list that Apple published during the keynote for WWDC 2015, and crafted this list. We’re sure there’s plenty of other stuff coming before the full release this fall, but here’s a quick glance at some changes:

AirPlay video
Arabic and Hebrew dictation
Autohide menu bar
Chinese multiple-character input
Copy file path in Finder
Create reminder from Share menu
Customize font in Safari Reader
File copy resume
Find My Friends widget
Flights data detector
Improved AutoFill
Improved Pinyin predictions
Keyboard shortcut for Chinese to English
Last search
Mute a tab
New Chinese system font
New color picker
New Dictionary languages
New Japanese input method
New system font
Photos editing extensions
Redesigned Crayon picker
Redesigned Disk Utility
Rename from context menu
Resizable Spotlight window
Safari top hit in Spotlight
Shared Links extensions
Strikethrough in Mail format bar
Suggested contacts
Suggested events Time to leave