Microsoft announced at E3 this year that backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games would be coming to Xbox One, and the November update is getting closer and closer. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken up about the idea of playing original Xbox games on the Xbox One via Twitter, and it turns out it's not a totally wild idea.

Spencer was on Twitter, as he so often is, and answered a question from a user. The user called the question silly, but Spencer replied that he "doesn't think it's silly." It's a real possibility, he says, that would come after Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is figured out.

While most of my Xbox games have been lost to the ravages of time, I have games like GunvalkyriePanzer Dragoon Orta, and Jet Set Radio Future sitting on my shelf, just itching for another play.

They could go about it by making an Xbox emulator that runs on the Xbox One itself, or by emulating the Xbox 360's emulation of the Xbox hardware. The second option gets a little silly to talk about, but might be a lower-effort option. Regardless of how they could approach it, it's nothing official and certainly won't be coming along anytime soon.

If original Xbox games did get backwards compatibility, what games would you pull out?