We're all looking forward to seeing Luke Skywalker meet up with Obi-Wan Kenobi and rescue Princess Leia in high definition here in the U.K., but Star Wars isn't set to make its Blu-ray debut until September. You can get it a month early, however, with selected Blu-ray players from Panasonic.

Panasonic announced at Empire's Big Screen Experience this week that it has formed an awesome new partnership with the Star Wars brand which will see the original trilogy — that's episodes IV, V, and VI — available from August 12 (today!) —  a whole month earlier than the movies are set to hit shops.

(UPDATE: Panasonic have contacted us to say that although the promotion starts on August 12, the actual Blu-ray discs won't be available until September 12 — the same day as their general public release. Sorry to get your hopes up, guys!)

The promotion will begin today and end on December 21, 2011, while stocks last. According to TechRadar, the following Panasonic Blu-ray players are eligible for the deal:

  • Blu-ray Players: BDT110, 210, 310, PWT500
  • Recorders: BWT700 and BWT800
  • Blu-ray Home Theatre systems: BTT270, BTT262, BTT370, BTT362, BTT775, BFT800

This isn't the first time Panasonic has delivered a Blu-ray blockbuster early to the U.K. It's partnership with 20th Century Fox meant that it was the first to offer Avatar as part of another exclusive.

Will this Star Wars bundle persuade you to pick up one of Panasonic's Blu-ray players, or can you sit it out another month and grab the trilogy when it hits shops?

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