Motorola’s original Moto 360 is more affordable then ever for customers in the U.K. after Amazon slashed its price down to just £119 (approx. $183).

This price applies to both the silver and black Moto 360 options with a standard stone leather band, and both are available with free delivery throughout the U.K. The discount makes the original Moto 360 £80 (approx. $124) cheaper then its regular price tag.

There’s good reason for that hefty discount, of course. Motorola recently announced its second-generation Moto 360, which, despite looking very similar, has updated internals, redesigned lugs for easy strap swapping, and is available in small and large sizes with 42mm and 46mm faces.

There’s also a new Moto 360 Sport coming later on, which is focused on fitness with a more durable design made out of plastic, and a built-in GPS for better fitness tracking, which the regular Moto 360 doesn’t have.

If you’re not interested in that new model, however, or perhaps you’re new to Android Wear and you just want to test the waters before going all-in, then the original Moto 360 is still a very capable device — and a very good one for just £119.