Dungeon Keeper Free on GOG

Let's call it an attempt to make amends. EA would never say that, of course. Why would they? That would be admitting fault.

That's what this is, as far as we're concerned.

EA released a free-to-play relaunch of Dungeon Keeper on mobile platforms not too long ago. If you'd never heard of the series before, you might have checked it out for a bit before walking away from another freemium mess of pay-to-not-wait gameplay.

Dungeon Keeper fans, though, found it to be an atrocity. The original Dungeon Keeper, developed by Peter Molyneux's former Bullfrog, was a delicious heap of complicated, addicting and fun gameplay design. It was nothing like the free version folks are "playing" today, and that made a lot of longtime fans truly upset.

Check the reviews for the app on your mobile marketplace. You'll see that most folks complain about the game for this very reason.

What better way to apologize to aging gamers than temporarily release the game they're clamoring for on a site called Good Old Games? The irony isn't lost on me, friends, don't worry.

For the next two days, Dungeon Keeper will be free on GOG. All you have to do is head there, log in (or create an account) and claim it. That's it. Dungeon Keeper 2 is 75 percent off during the giveaway, so enjoy.

Do you forgive them yet?

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