Origin LogoWhile gamers might not love the notion of using EA's Origin platform to play titles like Battlefield 3Dead Space 3 and SimCity, it's good news that EA is continuing to support the service with big overhauls and updates.

One of the bigger components of the brand new update that's launching later today is the inclusion of achievements. The achievements, however, are limited to a select set of games for now. Here's the info, via the post announcing the update:

…you can now keep track of all the achievements you've completed in Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, and Dead Space 3 on your Origin profile page. Start playing those games after updating Origin, and watch your Origin Point total (displayed underneath your name) increase by completing their achievements.

In addition to the aforementioned Achievements that are now part of EA's digital platform, here's a slice of what else update 9.2.1 brings to the table.

For PC users, if you've been broadcasting your gameplay, you'll appreciate the new ability to auto-archive your broadcasts. For you power gamers with muscular 64-bit systems on either PC or Mac, the new multilauncher will give you additional options for taking advantage of your hardware when starting up supported games.

What say you, gamers? Is Origin looking more attractive, or is this platform a bit tough to swallow given its creator?