If you plan on picking up a Wii U and any games published by EA, you might be interested in knowing that doing so will include the birth of your very own Origin account. EA’s updated written policy on the matter has come out, and it includes very specific language about their online gaming network.

GoNintendo grabbed a section of EA’s brand new privacy policy that’s recently been updated to include the Wii U. Here’s the bit that links Origin to Nintendo’s new console.

If you sign up to play EA games through a Nintendo Wii U console, your Nintendo account information will be provided to EA so that we can establish an Origin Account for you. You need an Origin Account to play EA’s titles online. By signing up to play EA’s titles, you agree that limited user account information can be transferred to EA. Information transferred to EA includes your Mii information, email address, Nintendo Network ID, friend list, country, language and date of birth but does not include credit card number or other financial account information.

In all fairness, this new nugget of knowledge doesn’t arrive unexpected. As it currently stands, any EA game that launches for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 requires users to link their accounts with Origin. Origin doesn’t exactly have a massive role in the process of playing each game, but gamers say yes to an agreement that links their gamertags and network IDs with EA’s unpopular gaming platform at the onset.

Put simply, if you buy and play a new EA game that connects to the internet, you have an Origin account.

However, for most gamers in tune with the industry, simply knowing that they’ll be supporting Origin whenever they buy and play one of EA’s games for the Wii U is a problem.

As an aside, we really hope “Nintendo Network ID” isn’t just re-branding for “Friend Code.” I’d love to see actual online usernames come with this thing.

[via GoNintendo]