Step right up, fans of old school isometric strategy games, EA is offering Theme Hospital for free right now on Origin.

The game is the latest to fall into the On The House program, a semi-regularly updated Origin feature that offers free full games and expansions to members.

Theme Hospital, originally released all the way back in 1997, typically sells for $4.99 on Origin. Sure, this isn’t exactly the biggest freebie ever given away, but my hankering for old school design philosophies in one of my favorite genres has me excited to check this out.

I never played Theme Hospital back in the day, in spite of my genre leanings. It looks right up my alley, though. Complete with money management, ridiculous NPCs and a charming old school style.

Fire up Origin and grab the game while it’s free. As far as I can tell, EA hasn’t listed the expiration date on this giveaway, so do it before they take it down.