It’s clear that the Ori and the Blind Forest developers love the culture that surrounds video games. They have a few references to a host of titles littered in the world of their metroidvania adventure, including a pipe from the Super Mario Bros. series.

How about Super Meat Boy? Yep, he’s in the foreground tucked behind a hidden wall. Dead. On a set of spikes. Poor little man made of meat…

Toothless Gaming has the video above, though we saw it on Destructoid first this morning. He shows exactly where you can find the Super Meat Boy easter egg if you want to see it for yourself in-game. There’s no achievement or anything associated with it, so this is just a pure homage, plain and simple.

It’s so small and ultimately pointless, but I love it when developers do this sort of thing in their games. There’s no reason for it beyond making the gamer smile, and that is fantastic.

You can snap up Ori and the Blind Forest now for the Xbox One and PC platform. Our own Eric Frederiksen reviewed it for us and loved it.