The assuredly emotional journey bound for the Xbox One and PC that is Ori and the Blind Forest officially has a release date. The game will drop on March 11, 2015.

The news comes from an Xbox Wire post. No, the trailer above is not new. I just put that there so you folks could see this experience in motion. That clip comes from TGS last year.

The actual post talks a bit about what the game includes mechanically. Specifically, there’s a section that talks about the weird gravity in one particular area of the game. It’s sounds all sorts of screwy… in a good way.

…as you work through the ruins, Ori and the Blind Forest messes with you, forcing you to think about space differently. Gravity becomes another tool in your arsenal, and by maneuvering around the floating blocks, you can reach new heights (or “plummet” to your death sideways, if you’re not careful). We’ve never quite seen gravity used this way in a video game – it’s almost as if you’re playing gravity itself. It shows that Ori and the Blind Forest is more than an homage to old-school games. Instead, the game is taking the genre and turning it on its head.

Yep, genre bending mechanics. That’s the sort of thing I like from my more indie-esque games.

Will you be grabbing Ori and the Blind Forest when it hits the Xbox One and PC platforms on March 11?