Remember Oregon Trail? I think my whole family died of dysentery. The goal of the early PC game was to get as far as you could along the Oregon Trail, killing Buffalo and interacting with other NPCs along the way, before you and the rest of your team croaked. At least that’s how I think it went.

The Oregon Trail card game was spotted by a Redditor recently, which found it in stock at a Target location where it’s apparently an exclusive. It’s published by Pressman Toy Company, according to Polygon, but Target is apparently being very, very quiet with details on the title. Polygon said a local target “[denied] any of these games are in their computer system.”

Curious, very curious. The funny thing? Maybe this game has been on sale for a long time, but this is the first time the internet got wind of it. Totally possible, as with all things that go viral.

Maybe I’ll swing by my local Target tonight and see if there are any in stock.