When Optimus Prime isn't pining for Shia LaBeouf, the Autobot leader is apparently working for Uber. As a tie-in for Transformers: Age of Extinction, which comes out June 27, customers will have the opportunity to ride around in a semi truck cab painted up like the famous robot. For Transformers die-hards—your five-year-old nephew/niece, for example—this is an absolutely wonderful idea. Just don't make any unreasonable requests while riding around with Mr. Prime.

It appears other beloved Transformers characters will be available through the service as well down the road; Bumblebee, for one, though it's unclear if any other characters have been hired by Uber. I just hope Skids and Mudflap aren't an option. Uber said on its blog that Optimus Prime will only be available on certain days, for certain hours, in very specific locations. On June 16 he'll make an appearance in Dallas from 1-7 p.m. He'll then move on to Phoenix on June 19 and then Los Angeles on June 21.

In order to hail one of the Transformers, you book him as you would a normal Uber driver through the Uber application. When Optimus is in your city, open up the app, choose the Autobots option, set a pickup location and you're good to go. If you do get chosen to ride around with Optimus, you'll get 15 full minutes with the big guy.

Uber says if you can't manage to make contact on your first try, keep trying. Going on a first date on any of those days? What better way to start it off than to stroll up in Optimus? Hopefully some free movie tickets will get thrown into the mix as well. No word on if Michael Bay will be the actual driver.